Free Cover For Defibrillators

We have seen a rise in the number of community buildings fitting defibrillators at their premises. Such devices play a vital role in helping save lives and are a real community asset. Such devices give a high energy electric shock to the heart through the chest wall to someone who is in cardiac arrest. It is vital to act quickly in such an event so fitting a defibrillator in a rural location, where response times may be slower, could be a life-saving decision. Due to their importance, insurers are looking to support this vital network. As a result, we can now offer free cover for units installed up to a value of £5,000. This is applied automatically so there is no need to declare the value o

Community Cinemas

On yesterday's post we wrote about the licensing requirements for Village Halls and community buildings. One activity we are seeing more often with our halls are film screenings. With some rural communities facing a lengthy journey to their local multiplex a Community Cinema is a great way to attract new people into your Village Hall and earn a substantial amount of additional income. Whether you operate a weekly film club, the occasional blockbuster or summer outdoor screenings, there are so many options for new and exciting ways to bring your community together. You have several options on how to organise such an event. There are a number of local and national organisations who specialise

Know Your Licensing Duties

We attend a number of Village Hall conferences around the country and one of the subjects which delegates often discuss is the need to obtain a licence for different types of activity. With Village Halls diversifying and offering an even wider range of activities and events it can be difficult to ensure that you always have the correct licences for your operation. We thought it would be helpful to clarify this area for you and we have sought the advice of Peter Bryan, a Community Buildings Adviser who has been a consultant to the voluntary sector over the last 20 years. Peter has kindly written the following guide to help you through this difficult topic. Village Hall activities and events

Help Prevent Slip & Trip Claims

Ansvar Insurance have recently reported a rise in the number of insurance claims from the charities they insure relating to slips and trips. Owing to this they have produced a risk advice document to try and avoid such incidents. This can be viewed in full here but we have summarised the advice in this article Slips and trips are a common cause of injury. Such injuries can be quite severe and in some cases disabling. As a result, we continue to see quite a number of claims from members, employees, volunteers and visitors each year. Obviously, the precautions you will need to take to prevent these claims needs to be proportionate to your particular circumstances. We appreciate that your hall

Leakbot: The Smart Leak Detector

We are always looking for new ways to help our clients reduce the number of claims they make or lessen the severity of damage caused. Water damage is a common claim for community buildings so we are pleased to offer our clients a free LeakBot device. This is a smart leak detector which sends real time information to your mobile phone if a leak is detected. Water damage is a major cause of Village Hall insurance claims. It can take many months to resolve the damage sustained and, if severe, it may even mean your hall is unavailable for months at a time whilst repairs are completed. This can impact not only on your immediate income but some of your hirers may find new homes and never return

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