Cyber Liability

Organisations have become increasingly reliant on technology to carry out their activities. Almost all organisations use or have access to the internet in some way.

Technology and the internet are revolutionising the way organisations communicate with others and how they handle and manage data. However, this has increased the risk of data being compromised by criminals, who can make large sums of money from accessing and stealing data. In addition, legislation can impose penalties on an organisation for not taking appropriate steps to secure or prevent access to data relating to individuals. All of which could result in significant financial loss, disruption to your activities, or damage to your reputation.

These risks aren’t just a problem for large organisations; small and medium-sized organisations with fewer data security resources are particularly vulnerable.

Your Village Hall Policy can be extended to include cover for Cyber with the option of adding Cyber Crime and this is provided by specialist cyber insurers HSB Haughton.

The premium starts at £135 inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax for a sum insured of £25,000. Further details are available in the Cyber Attack and Data Breach Guidance Booklet which is available to download.

To qualify for this cover you are required to meet certain eligibility requirements which are outlined below. Even without cyber cover in place these are still useful guidelines for any organisation to follow.

  • You have an email and internet usage policy to manage email use and prevent access to inappropriate or potentially damaging websites that employees are expected to follow

  • When recruiting new employees you undertake background checks including credit checks and DBS checks, where required, before employment is offered

  • If making payments online or transferring money you have documented procedures in place to ensure that payment requests are genuine and verified before making payments

  • Data backups are performed at least every 7 days. If a service provider processes or stores data for you, make sure that the terms of the contract between you and the service provider allow data to be backed up in line with this condition

  • You use data storage and service providers that are based in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man

  • There is a firewall in place which controls access to your computer system

  • Your computer system is protected with up-to-date anti-virus software.  This must be paid for rather than freely available and updated at least every 7 days

If you meet the above eligibility requirements then we can extend your policy cover which will cover you for:

  • Cyber Liability

  • Data-Breach Expense

  • Computer System Damage, Data, Extra Cost and Loss of Income

  • Cyber Crime (additional cover)



Cyber Liability Guide


A guide produced by Ansvar Insurance to help you manage cyber risks. Protection against cyber-attacks and data breaches