Hirers Liability Summary

Please note that the policy extension relating to Hirers’ Liability changed with effect from renewal. The aim of this is to improve the clarity of cover and to ensure both you and the hirers of your premises are fairly represented.

Insurers have published a summary of the automatic cover to which qualifying hirers are entitled, a copy of which will be sent once your policy has been renewed. This document explains the cover and you are encouraged to provide a copy to each of your hirers or make it available to them in an electronic format so they are aware of the policy terms with which they must comply.

The document is available to download here along with the revised Hirers Liability endorsement which confirms the cover in more detail.

Endorsements 547 or 556 (where operative) have been replaced by one of the new endorsements 435, 436, 437 or 438 depending on the indemnity limit for Public and Products Liability applicable to your policy.

The new endorsement outlines your duty to ensure that any hirers receive a copy of both the summary and policy extension wording. The summary asks that hirers read the policy extension to ensure that the cover meets their needs. If any hirer is concerned that the cover provided under the extension does not meet their needs then please advise them to get in touch with us to discuss their insurance requirements.

In addition, the summary provides a guide to:

  •     What you and the hirer need to do in the event of a claim

  •     The cover, limits and significant exclusions of the policy extension

  •     The special requirements that the hirer will need to comply with

  •     The complaints procedure

 The policy extension wording has been expanded to provide you and the hirer with full details of:

  •     Applicable policy definitions and meanings

  •     The special requirements that the hirer will need to comply with

  •     The policy general conditions that apply to you and the hirer under the policy extension


Hirers Liability Documents