Leakbot: The Smart Leak Detector

We are always looking for new ways to help our clients reduce the number of claims they make or lessen the severity of damage caused. Water damage is a common claim for community buildings so we are pleased to offer our clients a free LeakBot device. This is a smart leak detector which sends real time information to your mobile phone if a leak is detected.

Water damage is a major cause of Village Hall insurance claims. It can take many months to resolve the damage sustained and, if severe, it may even mean your hall is unavailable for months at a time whilst repairs are completed. This can impact not only on your immediate income but some of your hirers may find new homes and never return, causing an ongoing reduction in hiring fees.

LeakBot’s technology accurately monitors your hall’s water and air temperature 24 hours a day to identify any leaks and notifies you via your smartphone or tablet so you can arrange for a repair. Quick and easy to install, needing no specialist equipment, LeakBot simply clips on to your incoming cold water pipe. You will however require a WiFi connection at your Village Hall.

LeakBot’s sensitivity means it can spot those small hidden leaks early so you can deal with them before they become a bigger problem. Whether you are at home, at work or even on holiday the LeakBot app keeps you updated, alerting you to any issues so you can take action. Set-up takes less than 5 minutes.

For a limited period, we are offering our Village Hall clients a free device. We have a limited number of these so please contact us as soon as possible if you wish to take advantage of this offer.

In addition to a free device, should a leak be detected by LeakBot within the first 12 months of receipt, we’ll also cover the costs of one visit by a specialist HomeServe engineer to identify and resolve the issue, providing you with further peace of mind.

You should note that subsequent HomeServe call outs will be charged at a fixed rate of £100 (including VAT, labour and parts) or you can use your own plumber.

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