Help Prevent Slip & Trip Claims

Ansvar Insurance have recently reported a rise in the number of insurance claims from the charities they insure relating to slips and trips. Owing to this they have produced a risk advice document to try and avoid such incidents. This can be viewed in full here but we have summarised the advice in this article

Slips and trips are a common cause of injury. Such injuries can be quite severe and in some cases disabling. As a result, we continue to see quite a number of claims from members, employees, volunteers and visitors each year. Obviously, the precautions you will need to take to prevent these claims needs to be proportionate to your particular circumstances. We appreciate that your hall is not a factory or a building site and is a comparatively low risk environment. However, the age and the use of the building itself, may present particular hazards.

These hazards should be reviewed both inside and outside the charity’s premises, including car parks, playgrounds and pathways. The slips and trips guide talks about the management of such hazards within any charity which helps the charity achieve its duty of care for staff, volunteers and visitors.

For more information please refer to the Risk Management section. Here you can find our Risk Management Guide along with the self-assessment form which can earn you a discount on your premium. If you have any queries or concerns on this matter then please get in touch.

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