Community Cinemas

On yesterday's post we wrote about the licensing requirements for Village Halls and community buildings. One activity we are seeing more often with our halls are film screenings. With some rural communities facing a lengthy journey to their local multiplex a Community Cinema is a great way to attract new people into your Village Hall and earn a substantial amount of additional income.

Whether you operate a weekly film club, the occasional blockbuster or summer outdoor screenings, there are so many options for new and exciting ways to bring your community together.

You have several options on how to organise such an event. There are a number of local and national organisations who specialise in film screenings who rent out all the equipment required and can assist with licensing and staffing if required. Alternatively, if you have the volunteers and equipment then you can organise the screenings yourselves.

Insurance cover is automatically provided for events organised at your premises for up to 1,000 people in attendance with no limits on the number of events organised.

If you elect to purchase a projector or upgrade your equipment, then be sure to let us know your revised sums insured to guarantee you have adequate cover.

For more guidance on how to start a community cinema we recommend visiting the Cinema For All website at They are a specialist organisation who provide resources and advice on this matter.

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