Hirer's Liability

Tailored insurance policies for Village Halls and other community buildings include Hirers’ Liability cover. This extends the Public Liability cover which is held by the hall to apply in addition to certain types of hirer, which means that those hirers do not need to arrange their own Public Liability insurance.

In order to qualify for Hirers’ Liability cover, hirers will normally need to be individuals, clubs, charities or voluntary groups, although it is important to note that different insurers have different views as to which hirers are given the cover!

Where individual hirers are concerned, the hiring will often relate to children’s birthday parties, wedding receptions and other family functions.

Some insurers will not provide Hirers’ Liability cover for groups which hold events at other venues as well as your own so they will need to hold their own Public Liability insurance.

Similarly, hirers who have paid employees or who make a profit from their meetings (other than that used for charitable purposes) would normally need their own cover. Many of these hirers will already hold their own insurance but if so you should ask to see a copy of their policy schedule.

Commercial organisations require separate cover for their business activities. So if, for example, a keep-fit instructor who visited several community buildings in the area held a class at your premises they would be expected to arrange their own Public Liability insurance as this would be deemed a commercial activity. This would also apply to events such as furniture sales. If any national organisations such as the Scouts hire the premises they would also be expected to hold their own liability cover.

Should a claim arise under Hirers’ Liability cover, it is important to note that the claim is made against the Village Hall policy. This is likely to increase the premium paid by the Village Hall and result in a loss of No Claim Discount, where given. However, the cover is at the discretion of the Hall committee, so you would be perfectly entitled to insist that a particular hirer arranged their own insurance. This would add to the hirer’s cost, of course, meaning that they might choose a different venue!

The important thing is that you establish the parameters of your own Hirers’ Liability cover and either make your hirers aware either of the cover that you provide, where appropriate, or check the cover that they hold.

If you are in any doubt over this matter then you should speak to your insurance provider.

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